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a venerable cellar

Guardiani Farchione vaunts a long DOC winemaking tradition, which has now reached the fifth generation. These centuries of history are preserved in the underground cellars located on the village high street: Corso XX Settembre, which gives its name to an entire line of wines. The cellars were dug five–six metres below the ancient Guardiani mansion, commissioned in 1860 by forebears Giovanni and Eleonora De Lutiis, who were already producing wine at that time.

Bulk production continued with their heir Carolina, and it was her daughter Nunziatina and son-in-law Virgilio Guardiani who added the first print labels, in 1930. The long family tradition proceeds and in 1974 their son Domenico Guardiani and his wife Maria Farchione bottled a line of Montepulciano D’Abruzzo christened “Tenuta Del Ceppete”, registering the brand and DOC designation. The name was a tribute to the origins of the winery and that same brand has been updated to include “74” on the label, celebrating the anniversary of the first DOC certification.

The couple ran the winery with enthusiasm, handing down the same determination to their son Paolo, who manages and maintains the long history and family tradition. His confidence and passion are shared by wife Stefania and their children Giampaolo and Maria Claudia.

The wines that require maturation are aged in the historic underground cellars, dug entirely in Majella tuff and stone. The temperature is 16 °C–18 °C and constant all year round, and create the ideal environment for cellaring wines. Thanks to the eye-catching architecture, the cellars are a popular destination for wine buffs, who have the added joy of tasting the various labels when they visit. Another cellar, recently built in the immediate vicinity of the estate vineyards, takes care of the other winemaking stages.

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