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The vineyards are found in the Ceppete area, in the Casauria district, set on a small hill at 360 metres in altitude, on the foothills of Mount Majella and Mount Morrone, in the River Pescara valley. Thanks to its very strategic geographical position, over the centuries Ceppete has become successful wine country, producing top quality DOC labels. The soil and weather characteristics, the clay-rich soil and the excellent aspecting enjoyed by our vineyards are key factors that contribute to making our hills the perfect environment for cultivating vines that produce spectacular grapes. There are twelve hectares of vineyard planted to Abruzzo’s main native vines: Montepulciano, Trebbiano, Pecorino, and Passerina.

The dry climate and significant day–night temperature range play a fundamental role in the development and reinforcement of the aromatic components present in the skins and which give our wines unique nose notes so characteristic of the expression of our lovely terroir. Yield per hectare does not exceed 120q/ha, a very important factor in ensuring the right degree of grape ripening. Vineyard management processes respect natural seasonal cycles and strictly organic treatments minimize environmental impact while safeguarding the winegrowing ecosystem to which we pay particular attention.

The wines that require maturation are aged in the historic underground cellars, dug entirely in Majella tuff and stone. The temperature is 16 °C–18 °C and constant all year round, and create the ideal environment for cellaring wines. Thanks to the eye-catching architecture, the cellars are a popular destination for wine buffs, who have the added joy of tasting the various labels when they visit. Another cellar, recently built in the immediate vicinity of the estate vineyards, takes care of the other winemaking stages.

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