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the groves

On the Tocco da Casauria hills, in the heart of Maiella National Park’s pristine lands, ancient olive groves have prospered for over 300 years on the Guardiani family estate.
Of the thirty hectares planted to olive, twenty are set aside for Toccolana, a centuries-old cultivar typical of this district, included the PDO Aprutino Pescarese EVO production specification in 1990 as a typical local crop.
An alternate bearing variety, Toccolana does give good yield. Semi-manual harvesting allows us to select the best olives, harvested at start of veraison and cold-pressed within twelve hours of being picked. Cold-pressing is a preferred method as it safeguards the olive’s phenols, the characteristic that gives oil its aroma.
The remaining twelve hectares are set aside for cultivation of Dritta, Leccino and Intosso, also typical native cultivars in this area.
Intosso is worthy of note for its table olives, which may give only a low yield when pressed but produce an amazing EVO with memorable sensory qualities.
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